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    About Google Malware Checker

    Google Malware Checker is an extraordinary tool which allows you think about malware movement on any website. In the event that you are suspicious about a website, and you believe there's some kind of problem with it, you can simply enter URL of the site here and let the tool creep the web for any misrepresentation action. It just takes a couple of moments for this tool to produce the results.

    On entering the entire URL of the site, your website will be diverted to Google' Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page. The report is created throughout the previous three months since Google has visited the site, and if the crawler finds any suspicious movement on your website, it will tell you.

    On the off chance that your site is getting de-listed from search results, at that point there might be a few issues going ahead with it, and that issue could be a Malware assault. So it's imperative for each webmaster to play out a day by day or week after week check of their website through this Malware Checker Tool to check whether there's any misrepresentation, taking of information, infections, or phishing movement going ahead with your site.

    There are likewise a few sites which are made by programmers, and when a blameless client visits their website, the programmers take their data which may abandon you stuck in an unfortunate situation later on! So before going to, you can check a site for malware or extortion issues utilizing Google Malware Checker Tool.


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